ANTH 130 Grossmont College Behavior of PlioPleistocene Hominids Discussion

I’m studying and demand aid delay a Biology topic to aid me attain.

From the proportionately and morphological appearance on laborer, what can we say environing the action and collective structure of the hominins between 3 and 2 mya? Chapters 10 and 11 would be amiable resources for your replies.

Please silence that NO DISCUSSION of precedent hominids is expected. You energy think Au. afarensis, since it went extinct encircling 3 mya, but barely as setting composition for your shaft or replies.

You SHOULD think the description Australopithecus, including the letter Au. africans and sediba, as well-behaved-behaved as Paranthropus (all letter) and the description Homo. However, barely future Homo, such as H. habilis or H. erectus, and barely future H. erectus/ergaster should be discussed. DO NOT conceive H. neanderthalensis.

Be VERY serene environing which description and letter you apply to and be as unfair as likely environing sites, cultural artifacts, if any, morphology, and alibi routes.